Privacy Policy

Basic Policy Regarding the Protection of Personal Information

The EIHEIJI Sizing Company Limited (hereinafter called [our company]), pursuant to laws and regulations and its purpose related to the protection of personal information obtained by the company, shall recognize the importance of protecting this information, shall decide on a policy for acquisition, usage, management, etc, of personal information and try our best to protect its security.

As for Personal Information
Personal information is defined as the information related to customer information such as name, E-mail address, name of company, company address, phone number, facsimile number, etc, provided by customers at our web site.
Utilization Goals for Personal Information
Our company will utilize the personal information for the purpose of corresponding to the following:
  • For corresponding the inquiries by customers
  • For providing our company’s services
  • For customer service
  • For other reasonable purposes
Our company will not acquire personal information by unfair means. In addition, our company shall notify or disclose the utilization purposes of personal information except in the case of definition by the law, and utilize the information within the range of ethical and legal purposes. Our company shall maintain the personal information and keep it up to date and accurate.
Regarding the Disclosure of Personal Information
Our company will never disclose, sell or rent a customer’s personal information to a third person without the customer’s permission unless one of the categories below applies:
  • In the case of customer agreement
  • In the case that provision is determined as necessary when requested by law and /or administration, etc
  • In the case of using the information within the required parameters for executing the work with a company with which confidentiality agreements have been made in advance.
  • In the case of protecting human life, body or assets.
Regarding Management of Personal Information
Our company shall take safety management actions such as supervision of employees, supervision on the accepting end, countermeasures for unauthorized access, etc, in order to prevent falsification, damage, loss, leak, etc, of personal information. In addition, the company provides instructions and education to board members and employees for the protection of personal information.
Point of Contact for Inquiry
If you have any questions about the above contents, we would be happy to answer any of your questions. The methods of contact are listed below:
  • 【Eiheiji Sizing Co.,Ltd.】
  • 2-22,Higashifuruichi,Eiheiji,Yoshida,Fukui910-1212,Japan
  • TEL:+81-776-63-2203
  • FAX:+81-776-63-7025